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Name : Dental Implant Dental Unit Chair

Dental Implant Dental Unit Chair 

GP Dental 

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Individuatuion & Comfort
Ergonomic Implant dental unit,the water unit side is combined with floor-landed type light pole and movaable type doctor,can ensure dentist do confortable and stable operation.

Implant dental unit with intelligent design and multifunctional accessory,realize the working way that you need to avoid tried operation.The mature ergonomic design can make you work in any positions.

This professional dental unit is designed and developed specially for implant operation.Onner hoses or wires and parts are imported,super wide chair metallic base with thick material can make whole dental unit stable.


Product show

1.Made in stainless steel,easy for clean and sterilization.With wide table surface,can meet the demand while doing operation.

 2.Polishing aluminum alloy instrument tray with folding and hidden type design,it is convenient and near for operation.

 3.The height of instrument table is electric controlled,operate more simply.

Detachable Instrument tray is easy for sterilization and clean.

 LED Operation Light

 Touch type control panel.

 Adjustable illumination and color temperature.

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